About Us

Vogue Style 95 is an online retail clothing store offering beautiful pieces in current and forward fashion trends for women.  Vogue Style 95's philosophy is that beautiful clothes makes everyone beautiful in her skin.  Vogue Style 95 encourages women to seek out what's next in fashion, to have or develop a good fashion style, and an appreciation of fashion.  Vogue Style 95 encourages embodiment of the confident, beautiful and luxurious female and seeks to inspire.  Vogue Style 95 products are for both everyday beautifulness, sexiness and those moments that require something special.   

Vogue Style 95 meets and goes beyond our customers' expectations.  We have adopted the proven methodology of providing excellent customer service to our customers, guaranteeing quality, convenience, and satisfaction in each transaction for each customer, or we'll do what it takes to make it right. 

We are a new leader among the leading fashion retailers offering high quality forward beautiful fashion trends for women.  Our goal is to empower women to express their confidence, beautifulness, sexiness and style, to stay fashion forward, keep up with the current and next trends, so they will always be beautiful, sexy and never be outdated.